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The recent terrorist attacks and kidnappings of Yazidian women in Iraqi Kurdistan have highlighted a major issue with the lack of adequate safe abortion services available to survivors of rape and violence in the region.

Through the SAAF project, NFDO intends to change this by improving the capacity of abortion care workers to ensure increased access to safe abortion services for rape survivors, reduce abortion-related stigma in the Sharya community and decrease early marriage, which is a major cause and consequence of gender inequality and maternal morbidity.

Palestine - Palestinian Family planning and protection association (PFPPA)

Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA) is a highly active organization both as an advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights and in the delivery of sexual and reproductive health care.

Palestinian abortion laws are extremely restrictive, only allowing abortion if the women’s life is at risk. Despite the law, women do continue to need abortions and they end up happening unsafely with consequent complications. However there is little evidence-based data available on exactly how many women experience unsafe abortion and its effects on the population and the health system. Under this SAAF project therefore, PFPPA plan to conduct and disseminate a national survey on the unmet needs of access to abortion related services and its effect on Palestinian women and society. They will use this evidence to strengthen their advocacy with the government to propose modifications to the current laws and policies in order to ensure that women in Palestine are able to access safe abortion care within the country.  

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