Lady Mermaid's Bureau (LMB)

In Uganda, 42% of all pregnancies each year are unintended. The country's weak economy is exacerbated by high levels of gender inequality and poor access jobs for women. Many women turn to sex work to support themselves and their families. However since sex-work is illegal they are at high risk of abuse and often rape. Abortion is heavily restricted in Uganda and clandestine safe services are very costly. This results in further poverty for many sex workers and sometimes unplanned pregnancies or even death from unsafe abortion.
Lady Mermaid’s Bureau - a local grassroots organisation - has been funded by the SAAF to empower sex workers with the legal support and reproductive health services that they need to be able to make informed decisions. 



"Both sex-work and abortion should be legalised in Uganda to reduce the stigma that leads to violence and abuse. At times men don't respect us as sex-workers. Because it is illegal they abuse you. If they legalise it, it will be good."

Pretty Lynn

"At times when we get pregnant we use local methods. You can go and use local herbs but it is not safe. One time I used local herbs and I was successful. Then the other time I used washing powder and tea leaves but it was really hard for me. I almost died. I had a friend who died last year from this."



"Lady Mermaid’s Bureau has helped us a lot because they get us some lawyers to get us out of jail... They brought us some doctors who taught us how we can prevent STIs, they gave us free condoms, they have also helped us with safe abortions after rape."



"This project started to have an impact ... Sex workers have learnt about safe services. The majority of the feedback has been positive"



"LMB has changed my life because I now have a friend. I take them as part of my family because I don’t have any family. My father died, I don’t have a mother and my husband left me. They are my family now."


"I kept myself safe from pregnancy while working as a sex worker. I went to the clinic, I got the pills. Now I’m on injections. It has worked very well for me, they are good."