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The recent terrorist attacks and kidnappings of Yazidian women in Iraqi Kurdistan have highlighted a major issue with the lack of adequate safe abortion services available to survivors of rape and violence in the region.

Through the SAAF project, NFDO intends to change this by improving the capacity of abortion care workers to ensure increased access to safe abortion services for rape survivors, reduce abortion-related stigma in the Sharya community and decrease early marriage, which is a major cause and consequence of gender inequality and maternal morbidity.

Lebanon - This organisation has requested to remain anonymous

This project will end in March 2018

Despite a restrictive legal setting for abortion in Lebanon, most middle class Lebanese women are able to access safe abortion through private doctors. However, these are usually very expensive and out of the reach of the millions of refugees and migrants living in the country.

Having founded a new organisation with SAAF funding, this project has an overall goal of decreasing unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions by improving access, knowledge of sexual and reproductive health, and abortion-related medical support, in a safe and secure way, to refugee and migrant, women and trans* folk in Lebanon.

They do this by running a hotline that ensures that women and trans persons who have questions about sexuality, SRH, and gender are able to receive support by phone or email counselling and support groups.

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