Deadlines for application are 15th December 2017

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SAAF targets small and medium local organizations with little or no experience in managing international grants and/or working on abortion.

SAAF has a small secretariat hosted in the London office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). It is currently seeking committed and qualified individuals to join the Board. In the current global context where sexual and reproductive health and rights, and particularly abortion, are facing increasing pressure for funding, it is vital that the SAAF Board attracts the right skills to deliver its mandate.

Board purpose

The SAAF Board members are the highest decision-making body of the Fund and are accountable to the donors and other stakeholders of the Fund. They provide strategic oversight; to set policy and guidelines; consider and discuss the recommendations of the SAAF Technical Review Panel and the Secretariat, and approve applications eligible for SAAF funding.

Roles and responsibilities

The Board members have the following responsibilities: 

  • To provide strategic direction and oversight of SAAF
  • To consider and discuss the recommendations of the SAAF Technical Review Panel and the Secretariat, and to approve applications eligible for SAAF funding. 
  • To engage in the decision-making process regarding funding by attending meetings of the Board in person or via teleconference or other electronic means 
  • To help provide fiscal oversight of the Fund
  • To mobilize resources and promote the Fund and its activities, thereby fulfilling the role of SAAF ambassador. Board members work to mobilize funding resources on behalf of SAAF. Such willingness to access professional networks for potential funding sources includes making introductions to prospective foundations and ‘major donor’ individuals, where applicable.
  • To maintain contact and an ‘open door’ with the Fund on an ongoing basis and be responsive to the Secretariat on all Board-related decisions and business 
  • To be objective and neutral with regard to funding applications. Specifically, members of the Board whose organizations are benefitting directly financially from SAAF funding recuse themselves from discussions and votes pertaining to these particular funding decisions 
  • To ensure that the Board is transparent in its decisions
  • To be actively engaged and contribute to the dissemination of best practices and lessons learnt from the activities of the Fund. 

All Board members (except for Government Donor members) may serve on the SAAF board for up to two consecutive, three year terms, subject to re-election by the Board at the close of each term.
Terms of new members are staggered so that the Board retains at least two-thirds of its members at all times.
The Board encourages a rotation of the international organizations, the professional organizations and the national organizations represented in the board membership, in order to broaden the membership and its expertise. 

Terms of service

SAAF’s Board holds one physical meeting once per year. This Annual Meeting takes place in London, UK, while IPPF is the Administering Organization of SAAF.  Members are expected to attend this Annual Meeting in-person.

In addition, the Board meets two other times per year. Members attend these meetings in-person if convenient geographically or by teleconference or other electronic means arranged by the Secretariat.

Three board meetings per annum helps to provide a continuum of engagement, communication regarding emerging issues, and collaborative decision-making by the SAAF Board, thereby strengthening the Board and the Fund’s efforts overall.


Board members serve SAAF without compensation. Board members are allowed reimbursement of expenses incurred in the performance of their duties, specifically for the costs of attendance at Annual Board meeting. These meetings take place at the IPPF Central Office in London, UK, while IPPF is administering the Fund, unless otherwise necessary. 

Compensation and expense reimbursement

Board members consider themselves as ambassadors for SAAF in the international abortion rights arena. As such, Board members should demonstrate knowledge of, commitment to, and passion for SAAF’s mission as well as willingness to actively participate in SAAF initiatives when appropriate and called upon.

They should demonstrate both knowledge and experience in fulfilling part or all of the roles and responsibilities outlined above.

At this time SAAF is seeking individuals from different regional/geographic locations with the following skills:  

  • Financial management and oversight experience and expertise. Specifically, prospective members should possess practical knowledge of financial controls, understand how to analyse and ask the right questions regarding budget creation and financial reporting mechanisms;
  • Communications experience and expertise. Specifically, prospective members should possess skills in branding/marketing and outreach in order to help SAAF raise its profile and be more innovative externally;
  • Medical health care provider experience and expertise. Specifically, prospective members should possess in-depth expertise in medical health care service delivery.  Such expertise could be helpful in answering sensitive medical questions that arise regarding quality of services provided by SAAF grantees; and/or
  • Youth (20’s to 30’s) representatives working in the abortion rights field. Specifically, prospective members should bring a fresh, engaged perspective and substantive contributions regarding the youth movement in the safe abortion field. Such a prospective member could become a champion for SAAF’s interests and future funding cycles.
  • Prospective board members with previous board experience is a plus.

Individuals from the various constituencies below are encouraged to apply: 

  • the Administering Organization (currently International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF)
  • International and/or Professional Organisations working on the field of abortion;
  • Advocates/Activists on abortion rights from National Organisations ideally from the global South; and/or
  • Individuals who will be selected on the basis of their strong commitment to SAAF and the skills needed to enhance the Fund’s mission.

Please note that the Board working language is English. Proficiency in Spanish and French can also be an asset as official working languages for grantees.  

selection criteria