The Safe Abortion Action Fund (SAAF) supports local organisations to increase access to safe abortion among vulnerable populations worldwide

Hosted by the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in London, SAAF provides restricted grants to nationally based organisations that provide safe abortion services, advocate for progressive laws and policies, break the silence and try to change attitudes about abortion.

SAAF has funded over 180 projects worldwide since 2007

The current round of funding supports 103 projects in 50 countries

This round of funding will come to an end in 2017, SAAF is therefore looking for donors interested in supporting its next round

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I was scared of talking about abortion because I am a church leader ... I started talking to women one by one and the response was overwhelming. I immediately knew there was a need ... I organised for a safe abortion training right in my church and I never regretted it.
— Community Leader trained by SAAF grantee in Kenya
“Initially [the police chief] was very negative, and didn’t want to be identified as pro-choice. But one day we were having a public event ... [with] about 300 people present, and he took the mic and said that ... If [women and girls] have an unwanted pregnancy, they should not keep quiet, but go to a skilled health provider. It was a breakthrough.”
— success by SAAF grantee in Uganda


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What We've Achieved


  • ensured that 1,700 public statements in support of abortion were made by public figures
  • made new steps towards legislation or policy change in 17 countries
  • initiated 8 studies related to safe abortion
  • trained 1,504 providers in safer abortion technologies and techniques
  • provided safe abortion services to 61,493 women and girls

    • of which 70% voluntarily adopted post-abortion contraception

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